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When Idiots Get a Hold of Muscle Cars, BAD THINGS HAPPEN – #FBF

When boredom decided to strike at the most opportune time, this lack of something to do quickly turned to a burnout contest of sorts. The police weren't so fond of the display.
April 17th, 2015|

Dragging the Bumper GONE WRONG – Mustang Eats the Wall

As the old adage goes, "What goes up must come down." Just hope that when your racecar comes down, it doesn't bend anything or hop out of the groove because consequences can be horrifying.
April 16th, 2015|

Top 5 Most Viewed Videos of 2014

As we get rolling here in 2015, I wanted to take a minute to look back at all of the triumphs in 2014 and take a second to appreciate how far this operation has come!
March 11th, 2015|

C7 Z06 vs Challenger Hellcat vs GT500 is FINALLY HERE!!

This is the video that we’ve all been waiting for and thanks to Bad Bowtie Productions and Scorch TV, it’s finally here! As avid fanboys of the Chevrolet Corvette (yeah, we admit it), we went into a strong state of denial last time we saw the C7 Z06 […]

February 12th, 2015|

BK34 C6Z Update – Zero to Under the Knife in no Time FLAT!

Well, I guess you could say that one thing led to another and the car would receive a lot more attention than I originally intended. Check out the full details inside.
January 16th, 2015|

2000hp Wheelie King Shelby GT500 – Evolution Performance

This Evolution performance built Shelby GT500 was most definitely one of the highlights of the weekend at the 2014 Import vs Domestic event at Maryland International Raceway.

Watch as it pulled wheelie after wheelie. When the 2000hp beast owned by Brian Devilbiss kept the front wheels down, the Devil’s Reject was […]

January 14th, 2015|

BigKleib34 New Car Reveal!

When we say “project” in the title, it seems a bit out of line considering this is the closest to a new car that has ever been in the ownership of the channel. However, that isn’t to say that it will be remaining stock, justifying the title of “project.”

In this […]

January 9th, 2015|

Mustang has an EPIC Crash and Burn

We see things like this happen on the internet a lot and each time it's more unfortunate than the time prior, yet we still can't bring ourselves to take our eyes away
January 8th, 2015|