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My, oh my. It’s almost weird to say, but yet again the month of September is drawing to a close. Already, pumpkin spice is littering the shelves and the leaves are falling and it seems like just yesterday summer was cracking into our lives. While it’ll be sad to see the beach weather retreat, you all know what the cool fall temperatures mean here on the east coast – RACE CAR SEASON!

This is where I’ll chat a little about what happened this past month along with giving you the preview of October. Hopefully, we can do this every month from here on out and it’ll act as a sort of newsletter.

Because this is the first crack at this, we’re going to kick it off by heading back to the waning days of August in which I was able to head out to collaborate with StreetSpeed717 and GuitarmageddonZL1, a couple of kick-ass dudes. Check it out below.

In addition to this, you can expect to see the BK34 Z06 line up with a couple of other YouTuber cars. Parker from Vehicle Virgins, Rob Dahm, and DoItWithDan have all accepted challenges so be on the lookout for those races coming shortly.

Next up, we headed out to Holley LS Fest September 9-11 to check out some of the wildest LSx creations that this country has to offer. While I’m still in the process of putting some of these videos together, here were just a couple of our favorites of what we have so far. Keep an eye on the channel for even more!

While the bulk of September’s videos were assigned to LS Fest, Cars and Kleib┬áhas also been going strong and you can expect to see that every Monday for the forseeable future, too. Conversing with you guys might be my favorite part of operating this channel. It’s insane to see so many like-minded┬ápeople out there!

September has been a rockin’ month and myself and the team are stoked to get rolling with October. Boost season is upon us and when the cars are on kill, the best videos of them all come about! Be on the lookout for more coming at you daily!