Well, this little experiment got kind of interesting. It all started out by checking out another video. Apparently a “10 things I hate about my car challenge” series has been going around the web and we have yet to get in on it with the channel car.

When we saw this, I knew that I would be able to cook up something good, so I got to thinking and was able to come up with a list of ten things on my car that I could do without.

The response to this was nothing short of epic! 200k views later and this video has become pretty polarizing with some enjoying the lighthearted intent of the video and others not quite understanding why I’d grill my Chevrolet Corvette.

Either way, you can check it out and be the judge. Sure, some of these things are definitely changeable, but we’re talking about my car here, folks. It’s definitely not all about picking apart Chevy’s engineering…