When it comes to drag radial racers, there are a lot of cookie cutter builds and for good reason – they work the best with a lot less effort than building something that nobody has ever done before. Parts for something like a Fox Body Ford Mustang will have a lot more accessible parts than most other bodies on the market.

While there’s nothing wrong with a build that will automatically work, there’s something about unique cars that makes us grin from ear to ear. This time, we check out a F1-C Procharged 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu featuring a 440ci LS engine at the heart of the build! When it all comes together, the car tests at 1100hp in current form.

Check out the video below of this big body Malibu as it gets down the drag strip in a hurry and clocks in with a low 5-second pass! This beast is truly a one of a kind ride!