As we get rolling here in 2015, I wanted to take a minute to look back at all of the triumphs in 2014 and take a second to appreciate how far this operation has come! Last year was our best to date and from here on out, it only gets BIGGER and BETTER! In this one, we lay out for you the top five most viewed BigKleib34 videos that we uploaded in the grand year of 2014!

Here We Go!

5. Shockingly Quick Four Banger Mustang

Coming in at number five is a little test and tune action from the 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost. Ford really shocked everybody by announcing that their 2015 model of their pony car would come with an optional turbo four-cylinder. We haven’t seen that since the SVO! Johnny Lightning Performance caused a stir when their tune put the four banger in the 12.60s. Not too shabby for a gas saver!

4. 2015 Ford Mustang comes out strong on the drag strip.

For this one, we were hot on the heels of the release of the 2015 Ford Mustang. Folks were quite excited to see the release of Ford’s latest pony car, much like they were with the Ecoboost video. Getting up close and personal with

3. How now to act at a car meet.

We all know those guys who seem to have the explicit need to compensate for something… whether it be their lack of power or something else, we aren’t too sure. What we do know is that they kill off car meets left and right and wonder why the police and society have such a negative view of the enthusiast community. Check out the degeneration in the video below.

2. Buick LeSabre is beyond your WILDEST expectations

What happens when the biggest and most boat-like of cars is strapped up with a ton of nitrous and an LT1 V8? We never thought that we would ever know, but the result is quite pleasing. This car HAS to take the record for the biggest sleeper ever.

1. “The Devil’s Reject” makes over 2000hp and is the WHEELIE KING!

When we caught up with Evolution Performance and company at the 2014 edition of the World Class Finals, we couldn’t believe our eyes as their Shelby GT500 took off like a rocket! This thing was incredibly amazing as you can probably imagine by the amount of attention it has garnered as the star of our most viewed video uploaded in 2014!