This is the video that we’ve all been waiting for and thanks to Bad Bowtie Productions and Scorch TV, it’s finally here! As avid fanboys of the Chevrolet Corvette (yeah, we admit it), we went into a strong state of denial last time we saw the C7 Z06 on screen getting a heavy beat down from the Challenger Hellcat.

This time, to our pleasure, the Corvette and Hellcat would go at it again, and this time, a Shelby GT500 even got in on the fun! As we thought, with a simple driver mod, the Z06 hung with the group.

If you want to see the action, and we know you do, click the play button on the video above to see the trio square off. While we didn’t get to see the Shelby and Corvette go at it, seeing the Hellcat/Shelby race gives us a pretty good idea of what would’ve happened. All in all, it looks like you can’t go wrong no matter which platform you start off with.

This looks like a driver’s race to us. What a great time to be alive if you’re an American muscle enthusiast.